Press Release: Four Level Productions Announces Kickstarter Date

Press Release: Four Level Productions Announces Kickstarter Date2019-06-12T22:35:02-06:00

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Four Level Productions Announces Kickstarter Date for

Four Levels™ 3D strategy game

Company to bring a “Four Levels, 3D abstract strategy game” to board game market

Colorado Springs, CO; June 7, 2019 – Four Level Productions, LLC announces their Kickstarter presale Campaign for the Four Levels™ strategy game starting July 1-31, 2019. The campaign will fund injection molding and the first run of games. Supporters will be offered significant discounts starting at $30 – $40 for a limited number of games. Stretch goals will include Wild, Ring, Fill 3D printable files, Special upgraded Wild piece, Expansion pack for additional players, and level for Game manufacturing in the United States. The first games plan to be released December of this year in North America. Four Levels™ Strategy game will be available through resellers, Amazon, and directly through the company website at

About Four Level™ strategy game

Four Levels™ is a two player (four players with expansion packs), 3D abstract strategy game for ages 8 and up, with gameplay 10-20 minutes. Four Levels™ is easy to learn and fun to play. The simple assembly of a clear 3D structure makes a unique four leveled playing field.

The object of the game is to create four like pieces of the same color in a straight line on one or all four levels. Playing pieces include a wild piece that can work in combination with other pieces to create a winning combination. Parts are played in a set sequence, so you always know what piece your opponent will be playing next. Some of the pieces can also share the same spaces so you must beware.

Top Quality Production

Recognizing that the quality of the game is a critical part of the gaming experience, Four Level Productions, LLC has worked with the most experienced game production companies committed to the highest quality production values in the United States.

About Four Level Productions, LLC

Four Level Productions, LLC. Publishes high-quality, family-strategy board games that are easy to learn and fun to play. Four Level Productions, LLC is a privately held company located in Colorado Springs, CO.

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